Growing into a World-class Manufacturing plant
By adopting sophisticated tools and techniques, we reaffirm our commitment to delivering the highest quality products with the highest efficiency.
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Fully certified to lead the global forging industry
We are creating a limitless future with creativity, challenge, and passion to become the world's mainstream forging company, leading the global forging industry.
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Essentials on shipbuilding
We have developed industrial products and technologies focusing on high added values, eco-friendliness, and smartness in order to acquire global competitiveness
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The part of the future
Our researchers and developers have been and will continue to be actively engaged in efficiently developing components that meet customer needs and are environmentally friendly.
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High Carbon Forged Roll
A global forging company by strengthening its global competitiveness based on mid- and long-term plans and high technology.
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With creativity, challenge, and passion, we're building a future with no limits


Mold & tool

Forged roll

Forged bar


Join us to make a difference

The future is not predetermined, but rather shaped by our actions in the present. Each one of us has the power to make a positive impact, no matter how small. Let us envision a world that prioritizes sustainability, equality, and justice, and work collectively towards creating a future that benefits all of humanity. In this changing world and future, let us stand together with hope, courage, and determination, for it is in unity that we can overcome challenges and forge a brighter tomorrow.

Let us build harmonious societies