Safety, health & environment

Hyundai IFC takes safety, health and environment as its top priority in management activities and strives to establish the highest level of safety/environmental culture in the forging industry.

S.H.E Policy

Global NO.1 forging company realization

Hyundai IFC prioritizes safety, health and environment in its corporate activities, and continuously improve the harmony between human beings, nature, and business by operating accident-free workplaces and reducing the Impact on the surrounding environment that nay occur from the production process of forged steel and forgings to their disposal.

  • Hyundai IFC recognizes that safety, health and environment are a key factor for corporate growth as well as providing affluent life for human society.
  • Accordingly, Hyundai IFC executives and employees promise to act in accordance with strict safety and health environment standards and best practices while performing their duties, and endeavor to apply the following to all internal and external activities.
  1. Proactively respond to and improve safety, health, and environmental regulations by setting internal management standards as well as complying with safety, health, and environmental laws and regulations, international agreements and certifications.
  2. Set goals for safety, health, and environment, act to implemnet them, and establish a system to evaluate results through continuous improvement activities for deficiencies.
  3. Minimize the impact on the surrounding environment by minimizing the generation of pollutants and greenhouse gases and efficiently utilizing resources and energy through improved waste recycling.
  4. Strive to create an accident-free workplace by establishing and implementing a safety, health, and environmental management system to prevent accidents and minimize damage in the event of an emergency, and to minimize loss of life and property.
  5. Establish a smooth communication system with stakeholders based on a corporate culture based on the basics and communication to operate the company and secure transparency on safety, health, and environmental management activities.

safetY & HEALTH Management

Field-oriented, worker-oriented

Hyundai IFC Co., Ltd. is the world’s best forging company that plays a pivotal role in industrial development. Based on this, we pursue safety-first management activities to realize an accident-free workplace that leads safety and health management. To this end, all executives and employees shall observe the following in accordance with the “site-oriented, worker-oriented safety and health management” basic principles.

  1. Set up an effective safety and health management system by giving priority to safety and health in all areas of business operations.
  2. Set safety and health goals and specific objectives related to Safety & Health Policy and establish and carry out an implementation plan.
  3. Enhance safety and health capability of employees and stakeholders and their on-the-job usability through an effective safety and health training that comprises planning, execution, evaluation, and feedback of the training program.
  4. Strictly comply with safety and health related laws and requirements for safety and health management system.
  5. Eliminate risk factors and take measures to reduce safety and health risks.
  6. Evaluate the validity and ensure continued improvement through company-wide participation.
  7. Ensure consultation and participation of workers and their representatives.
  8. Comply with safety management obligations for all personnel in the workplace.

Safety First Management

The company management shares the goal of ‘safety as first priority of management’ with all executives and employees and engages in various activities to implement ‘everyone’s participation in safety’. The company increases communication with worksites by implementing regular management-level safety council and interaction-oriented meetings while leading the effort to make improvement on the risk factors in the factory through regular and irregular safety patrols.

Patrol of worksite

Interaction-oriented safety meetings

Safety patrol of worksites

Safety & Health System


All employees are taking the lead in creating a safe workplace through safety inspections and improvement activities. For high-risk work, to prevent safety accidents, ILS (Isolation locking system, operating equipment energy source blocking system), We operate safety and health systems such as confined space programs, and establish and comply with safety rules.


To prevent safety accidents caused by human error in advance. We operate a systematic human-centered safety system through the three times a day praise campaign and Safety Tea Time (safety observation) activities.


We operate a safety-related team in charge of safety, and we have a dedicated safety personnel at the site to implement site-centered safety management. A safety training center has been established where all construction personnel entering and exiting the company can receive safety training.


In order to improve the safety awareness of employees, company-wide participation safety events are being conducted, and an experience and practice-oriented education system has been established and are implementing systematic safety training.

Emergency Response system

A 24-hour monitoring system has been established to prevent fires, and it is operated in close relationship with the fire department to quickly respond to fires. In preparation for emergency situations such as fire and safety accidents, executives and employees and public and private firefighters conduct joint fire drills and emergency response drills.

Emergency Response Organization chart

Quick disaster response and minimization of human/material damage by establishing an organic collaboration system for each team within the emergency response organization.

Cooperating/Support Partners: Administrative Agency

Cooperating/Support Partners: Medical Institution

Environment Management

Environmental Management Policy

Hyundai Ifc Ltd. is the world’s leading forging company that plays a pivotal role in industrial development and is committed to the hyundai motor group management policies of “trust management, on-site management, and transparent activities and lead green growth based on the philosophy of respect. to this end, all executives and employees observe the following in accordance with the basic principles of environmental management, such as recognizing the “environmental mindset” and complying with laws and regulations.

  1. Secure global leadership by establishing an environmental management system based on ISO14001 in the field of business activities.
  2. Comply with environmental laws and regulations and continuously improve the environment by considering the entire process.
  3. Lead low-cabon green growth by reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the use of clean energy and the application of green technologies.
  4. Realize a sustainable resource circulation society by efficiently utilizing by-products.
  5. By disclosing the results of environmental management, transparency in management is secured and sustainability is pursued.

Environmental management practice

Recognizing that the environment is the core value of company management, we practice environmental management through environmental investment, communication, and periodic inspection.

Environmental Certification

Environmental Communication

Environmental Inspection

environmental Management system


  • New Environmental Regulation Pre-Management.
  • Expansion of environmental investment.
  • Enforce stricter environmental regulations & standards.

Hyundai IFC operates professionals dedicated to the environment and prevents risks in advance by systematically managing regulatory implementation information by law. In addition, eco-friendly facility investment is carried out every year to preemptively respond to new environmental regulations.


  • Prevention of environmental pollution.
  • Reinforcement of autonomous environmental inspection.
  • Environmental technical support.

All employees are striving to create an eco-friendly workplace by raising awareness of environmental law compliance and autonomous environmental inspection. In addition, we are leading the introduction of eco-friendly technology by consulting with external specialized institutions to support environmental technology.


  • Strengthening Crisis Management Capabilities.
  • Activities to promote environmental awareness.
  • Public-private communication & environmental activities.

We make recycling, reusing, and reducing environmental pollution a way of life and continue to practice environmental education to raise awareness of environmental convservation.

green management Practices

Hyundai IFC is practicing eco-friendly green management to create sustainable value.

Air pollution management

We operate eco-friendly facilities to minimize air pollutant emissions. Minimize the emission of scattering dust such as indoor scrap yard, filtration collection facilities, and spray facilities.

Water quality management

We are doing our best to preserve the water quality of Yulchon Industrial Complex. Water used in the process is fully recirculated, and wastewater generated in some processes is consigned.

By-product management

We are promoting resource circulation performance management to realize a sustainable circular economy. Increase material reuse for effective recycling, explore other uses, and continue to discover recyclable targets.